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In the beginning there was one man, one car, and a vision. For 928 fans this could only mean one thing:  

Bob DeVore and his monster motored 928.  

DeVore cut such a wide and long path in his 928 development that his efforts still stand as the high-water mark of modified 928s to this day. DeVore created the gamut of increased displacement engines from 4.8, 5.7, 6.2 and 6.46 liters, the latter producing in excess of 700+ hp.  

Excellence magazine featured DeVore's 16v 6.2 liter '78 on the cover and feature story (the Arizona Highwayman) of it's August 1990 issue. There is also a sidebar feature with DeVore outlining how to turn an early 928 into a much more powerful and upgraded roadcar as one's budget allows.  

As 928 enthusiasts know, DeVore joined forces with Lucky Ekman and Red McClintock, forming Devek Performance.  

I didn't have the chance to meet Bob DeVore, but thanks to the history lessons I've been getting and the many Devek customers worldwide, his legacy will live on.  

Thanks for forging the way for us Bob - we'll do our best to uphold the 928 honor...  

928's Forever! 
copyright 1997 pkal  all rights reserved
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