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I know you weren't expecting  this car! 

Here's the first 928 ever in PCA racing - Phil Kalamaros' "the Flame". Phil was the pioneer way back when and even served for a time as Region President, as well as newsletter editor. Many of you know also that Phil owns the earliest known 928 in the country, 928 #00029. 

Back to the Flame - yes Phil ran a 928 when it definately wasn't accepted by the air-cooled crowd, and ended up finishing ahead of quite a few of them in the process. How about consistent top five placing in driver events? Or midpack against cars with possibly more motor investment than the entire Flame itself?  BTW, the flames were added sometime in the late 80's, much to Phil's amusement (he's a great guy!) but to the chagrin of those same a-c racers and even some officials. Like California's obscure exhaust law, appears there was an aesthetic whammy to overcome.

But enough out of me. Phil employed a plethora of race mod's on the Flame and we are very fortunate that he's allowed us a peek at his pioneering 928 race efforts. As if that wasn't enough, the Flame underwent further mod's, culminating in a widebody conversion! As such, it was the 'sister' car to Bob DeVore's widebody, and Bob, Phil and Mark Anderson used to whoop it up at tracks across America. 

Allright then. Are you 'man' enough to carry on the blaze set by the Flame? 

take a long look - there's more than meets the eye at first glance...
You're leading!  Go Phil, Go!
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