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Concentrate and you can actually hear Mark Anderson's GT2 roaring around the track!  

Thought you'd seen it all? We're just getting started - and these are archive photos sent in by Mark Anderson and Phil Kalamaros of the early 928 pioneer days! Check it out!  

These photos are sure to inspire even the most casual of 928 enthusiasts - as well as provide a go-forward basis for those well on their way toward building their ultimate 928.  

Lately, I've been asked quite a few times which is my favorite 928 picture and had to struggle between Bob DeVore's Highwayman 928 and Mark's GT2 car. Sorry, I can't choose just one!   

You try! 


This shot just might be my fav!  I get goosebumps just thinking about the engine warming up, getting ready to do battle against the field and the clock...
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