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Check out these shots of Mark Kibort's track only '84!  Mark has modified his 928 S to S4 levels.  The video clips are of this exact car blasting the road course.. 

The 928 takes on a serious demeanor when taped up per track rules. 

Watch for updates here as I get more info on Mark's mods! 

Oh yeah, the nickname was coined by one of his racing buddies - I think it should stick and would make a great racecar name too!  Whatdaya think about that? 


Ok, last one before we go!


Ok, am I ever going to see another 928 on the track except for me???
You guys are really pissing me off.  All this talk about race rubber,
stroker kits, cams, ignition wires ,  shaved heads ......Cm'on.    What will it take to
make you realize how much fun these cars are on the track.
(you dont even have to push  it.   example:  I never pushed my motor passed
5 grand and I was beating race ready, rx7 turbos and some , not all , of
the full race rx7s.  The one car that just distroyed me ,was a full race NSX .  It wasnt until I stopped after my beating ( I was 200ft from a hard left and going 100mph and he ran around me like I was standing still), that I found out it was a race prepared NSX with a Nitro kit !    No wonder.  I wonder how long that motor will last.

Laguna is having a rare event all school all weekend and a special open
class school for Ferraris, porsches, and vipers. as well as vintage racers.
  Anyway, very safe.
May 2-3 is the date.!!!!!!!
who is in???????
Mark K.  
Mr fun
928s 84  big bark ok bite. Leather everything interior.


Ok all us NorCal wusses (me included) - put up or shut time!  Circumstances have always prevented me from getting going but the time is nearing.  Getting tech'd prior might make this harder but once done things should progress easily.  Lucky me the home town track has to be the spooky for beginners Sears Point but I will brave it someday - it can't be any worse than Highway 9 at night after all!   May 2-3 is NASA event and a bit of drive to Monterey (overnight stay previous friday?).  I've got the dang form in my hands right now!    'Course you need a car that runs first... (dead coil excuse  ;)


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