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Here's Marc Thomas' "NSTY 928" in recent trim... 

This is the car featured in the excellence magazine ads and DEVEK's Pony Express video - wherein driver Susan Kirby takes the win at  the100 mile long Nevada open road race. Marc is also video'd, reaching speeds in excess of 160mph down the straights and around turns too!  The roar this car makes at speed with it's tuned headers  is truly wonderful.  When you hear it, you too will wish you 'had a V8' 

The car showcases many of the high performance mod's created by DEVEK besides the stroker kit which makes for a  formidable race car as well as street cruiser.  As they say, seeing is believing, and I've seen this car crank out 450+hp on the dyno - normally aspirated on pump gas!!!  That should power this car right past the original factory top speed of 'only' 169mph and near 200mph don't you think?   (Can I have the keys Marc?) 

So now you have been forewarned about NSTY and the SF bay area's own 'highwayman', Marc Thomas... resistance is futile! 
These shots were taken at the Zone/Parts Heaven swap meet and concours in Hayward, CA..  Local 928 fans know this car well,  it always draws a crowd to see what's new. 

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photos:  phil tong copyright 1997 


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