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"Rubin 928 S"

My first 928!!! After much searching, I found this car up in Lucas Valley in 1996 under the ownership of an MD. The interior is in fine shape and is done up entirely in leather. I was most happy to find that all the switches and controls work! Check those rims out - they were originally gold annodized and I polished them myself with a buffing kit from Eastwood Co. 

And so my 928 adventure began - I had the brakes done, all fluids flushed and refilled, motor tuned, etc. Sometimes I was having so much fun just driving the car around it was all I was doing!  Laps of the entire bay area became commonplace.  I found that the 928 is a supremely competent everyday type of car!   And much more - I held up the 16v honors at the Devek dyno day by posting slightly higher than stock numbers and actual 1/4 mile times at Sears Point again better than stock.  Even more impressive considering the car had 145k miles!

Many of you know I have purchased Lucky Ekman's '90 GT - and have since sold "Rubin" (paint is rubinrot metallic, or, garnet red  in non-Porsche speak).  However, the car is still local to me so I can visit it and maybe get to work on it!    

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